Ante Natal Pilates Class Wednesday 5.45pm

ReCoop Health offers small classes of a maximum 6 people, as well as One to One sessions which are ideal if you are unable to attend the class times available or have a musculo-skeletal condition.  

Modified Pilates is a safe way of exercising during your pregnancy whether you are continuing exercise or wish to try something new.  There is no need to have done any Pilates before as your instructor will teach you the basic principles and provide continual guidance and facilitation throughout your session.


Most people commence Pilates in Pregnancy during their second trimester when their energy levels are higher and morning sickness has subsided. However, if you are currently fit and health and have been actively participating in sport prior to your pregnancy, have none of the contraindications to exercise then with consent from your GP/Midwife you may be safe to join a class.


Ante Natal Pilates classes focus on key areas specific to the postural and physical needs of mums-to-be.

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy causes your ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues to soften promoting flexibility in joints and muscles. Pregnant ladies are more prone to muscle strains and ligament sprains therefore, Ante natal Pilates avoids over stretching and ballistic movements focusing more on controlling smaller joint range of movements. 
  • Throughout your pregnancy your centre of gravity will change day by day as your baby grows and throughout the day as your baby changes position. Pilates in Pregnancy will teach you how to adapt and maintain safe Postural Alignment by activating your core abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and those surrounding your pelvis to prevent pain.
  • Another crucial area which your sessions will focus on is strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles which come under pressure as your baby grows and weaken due to hormonal changes. Preventing these muscles from weakening has been found to reduce ante natal and post natal urinary incontinence. However, it is also just as important you learn to relax the Pelvic Floor which is required during labour.
  • Relaxation is also another goal of any Pilates sessions. Taking part in Pilates during your pregnancy can assist you in creating a sense of well being and calmness throughout your pregnancy.


It is vital to us at ReCoop Health that both you and your baby are safe and comfortable during your sessions as well as the exercises being effective. We have triangle foam wedges, pillows, blocks and cushions all to ensure this is possible. Careful consideration is always given to each individual throughout each session and where necessary, modifications and alternative exercises will be suggested.

To ensure you are safe to exercise you will need to complete a health screening questionnaire which will ask specific questions related to this pregnancy and any previous ones, before attending your first classes. Additionally, to ensure your continued safety please inform the instructor of any discomfort you may experience in your back or pelvis or any change in your health relevant to your pregnancy e.g. high BP, gestational diabetes.

Please contact the clinic to enquire about class places or for more information 02476 328337 or 07940 116568