What qualifications do you have?

All our Pilates instructors are Chartered Physiotherapist having completed a BSc Hons degree. Our Antenatal and Postnatal classes are led by our Principal Instructor and owner of ReCoop Health Rachel Cooper. Rachel has experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain, SPD, SIJ dysfunction and postural imbalances related to pregnancy. As well as practicing as a physiotherapist and teaching Pilates classes Rachel is also a presenter for the APPI teaching other health professionals about remedial Pilates and Antenatal & Postnatal Pilates. This ensures you will be provided with expert class instruction in a safe environment, which has been specifically designed to meet the physical demands of a new mum.

When can I start a postnatal Pilates class?

Based on the medical guidelines from ACOG, ROG and Canadian Guidelines for Exercise in Pregnancy, the APPI recommends that Modified Pilates can be commenced 6 weeks post stable vaginal delivery providing the woman has had her check up from the doctor/GP and is not acutely suffering from the effects of pelvic girdle pain. If a lady had an assisted vaginal delivery e.g. forceps or ventouse or required a significant number of stitches then this may delay her ability to join a class aat 6weeks. For someone who is familiar with Pilates they may be able to commence earlier than this, especially with the more gentle exercises.

When can I start Pilates after a Caesarean section?

The general advice is that you wait at least 8weeks before contacting about starting Pilates. If you have had no further complications then you may be able to start at this point with GP/midwifes consent. If you are keen to start at this point a 1:1 session maybe more appropriate as the muscles used in Pilates would have been cut by your incision and we will be able to assess their strength. Most ladies are able to commence classes after 12 weeks as long as there have not been any other complications.

I have been told I have an abdominal diastasis, can I still attend classes?

We would need to assess you prior to making a decision about you attending a class. Whether you are able to attend or not will depend on the width and the stability of your separation with abdominal loading. Please contact the clinic for an appointment.

What do I need to bring/wear?

Please come in comfortable clothing which will allow you to move freely. It is best if these are of natural fibres such as cotton as they prevent overheating. All equipment (to include mats, blocks, towels, wedges and small equipment) is provided for you. Although there is a kitchen onsite please feel free to bring a bottle of water for during the class. You will be required to remove your shoes, for health and safety reasons normal socks are not allowed in the studio, totes socks, bare feet or Pilates socks (available from the clinic) must be worn. 

Can I bring my baby to class?

Yes we do allow mums to bring their babies with them up until the time their child is starting to become more mobile. You can either leave your baby in their travel seat or we do have extra mats tey can play on.

Please contact the Clinic to check class availability as places are limited

info@recoophealth.co.uk / 02476 328337 0r 07940 116568